Guide picking the right host

Here I am going to try and help you picking the right host for your dayz server. There are currently 6 hosts out there and they all have much to offer. Some of you are very familiar with the game and server configuration but others are starting right now, but this guide is appealing for everyone.

1. Server categories (public and private)
Public (Official Hive) servers are created and controlled by Bohemia Interactive so there is not much for you to do here.
Public (Community Hive) are servers that give the admins more control but still have to obey Bohemia Interactive rules.
A Private Hive is the one I would suggest to everyone who wants total control of their servers. There the admins have their own databases and can create their own rules. You will have to self-promote the server in order to populate it.
Not all hosts offering all the above options. Avoid too cheap hosts that seem to be offering way too much for the price, an example of such a host is vilayer.

2. Slots and players
Slots are basically player sits. When you have a server with 20 slots, then 20 people can join at the same time.
Buy a server with less slots and you see how it goes, you can always add up slots if they are not enough, that way will save some money.

3. DDOS and the importance of it.
DDOS protection is good but not a must. Anyway, most ddos shields will protect you against that much GB of attacks. So ddos is not a vital thing.

4. Control Panels
Here is nothing special, all control panels are made with a very easy to learn interface. My personal best is Tcadmin. Not all hosts have Tcadmin, but that’s really not a problem.

5. Finally the most important factor
The most important factor when you choose a host should be the server location. The location where most people joining your server, this is the location where your server should be located. If most people are joining your server from the US, then choose a host where offers servers in the US.